Drain Camera Inspection

InspectionsFor superior investigative technology and diagnostic expertise for your Brisbane drain and sewer issues you can depend on the experienced team at Rocket Drains.

At Rocket Drains, we've invested in the best equipment and specialist training of our team to ensure the best drain & sewer diagnostics and repairs. By utilising our specialised drain cameras, which are inserted into your drain or sewer, we're able to pinpoint with complete accuracy the location of the issue as well as receive a clear, visual image of the cause. Whether it's a blockage, cracked, leaking or misaligned pipe, our experienced technicians are able to correctly diagnose the issue and implement the most suitable repair method.

With correct diagnosis, the right repair is implemented ensuring a faster resolution to your drain or sewer issue. You'll also be able to see the issue for yourself as well as the completed repair, which we can provide in video format for you to keep for your later viewing or future records.

To discover how you'll benefit from superior diagnostic technology or to book your service in Brisbane and surrounding areas, call and speak with the helpful drain and sewer specialists at Rocket Drains today.

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